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Standard: W.9-10.3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.

Learning Target: Students will explore the idea of their own good deeds by writing their own obituaries, discussing the good deeds they have done for which the world will remember them.

Activator: Alfred Nobel

Welcome back to class, everyone! Today we’re going to finish up with Everyman and do a little creative writing. First things first, I want you guys to finish up the writing we started yesterday. Remember, 2-3 good paragraphs that summarize the play and tell me what you thought of it. You’re reviewing the play as though you are a reviewer for a newspaper!

Afterwards, we’re going to do a short writing assignment that’s more about you :) Here’s the skinny:

Obituary Assignment

For this assignment, you will write your own Obituary. If you are not familiar with obituaries, here are some examples http://www.ajc.com/list/news/local-obituaries/obituaries/aFmL/. For your own obituary, please follow the guidelines below.

–          Your obituary must include the following details:

  • Assume you will die suddenly.
  • What you did for a living/career
  • Who were the important people in your life [spouse (if any), children (if any), friends, other relatives, important work associates or partners)]
  • What were your important accomplishments
  • Include quotes from others (real people or imagined) saying what they thought of you.
  • Write it in the 3rd person (as if someone else is writing about you)
  • Be Creative!! Have fun with the assignment, but be sure to follow the instructions so you don’t lose points.

–          The point of this assignment is to think about the life you have, the decisions you have made and are making. This is what you should have in your obituary for this assignment.

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