True Life: Flood Stories


  • ELAGSE9-10RI7 Analyze various accounts of a subject told in different mediums (e.g., a person’s life story in print and multimedia), determining which details are emphasized in each account.

Learning Target:  I will analyze various accounts of modern floods and use that information to create a survivor’s journal or a flood safety pamphlet.

Opening Session: A look back: Hurricane Katrina News Coverage

Work Session: Welcome to Monday, everyone!

Before we get started today, let me draw your attention to today’s bell schedule – you might notice it’s all kinds of weird. We will be doing weird bell schedules for the rest of the semester, so my recommendation to you is to bring snacks, because you’re probably not going to eat lunch at the time you’re used to.


As you might have guessed from the daily video, today we’re going to continue talking about flood stories. The difference today, though, is that we’re talking about floods that actually happened. We’re going to talk a bit more about Hurricane Katrina, as well as the Japanese tsunami of 2011, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami (the Christmas Tsunami) of 2004. All these massive floods are pretty close to current, right? So I thought these articles and pictures might hit home for you guys.

After we read the articles together as a class and have a bit of discussion about what it might have been like, I would like for you guys do to a bit of narrative writing for me in the form of a journal.

Flood Journal Assignment

  1. Choose one of the modern flood stories we talked about in class – Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese Tsunami, or the Christmas Tsunami.
  2. Pretend you’re in the middle of that flood as it’s happening.
  3. IN PEN, write three journal or diary entries from three days as you experience what it was like to live through that flood. Each entry should be about 2 paragraphs long. Don’t forget to sign your name at the end.
  4. When you’re finished, turn in your journal to me.


Flood Safety Pamphlet Assignment

  1. Pretend you’re on the city committee for public safety.
  2. Think about an “action plan” for your city if a mega flood happens
  3. Draw a brochure to be distributed to the people of your city that will give them important safety info on what to do in the event of a flood
  4. Make it creative, neat, and colorful!
  5. Turn it in when you’re done 🙂

…And that’s that! Be creative with your journal entries, guys! After I grade them, we’re going to have some fun making them into “flood” artifacts.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!

Closing Session: Book Talk – The Hunger Games

Assessment: Flood journal or pamphlet will be graded

Differentiation: Product (student choice); process (partners allowed).

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