Computer Lab Tuesday

Welcome to the lab!

Standard: ELA10W3, Subheading 3: The student produces technical writing that clearly, logically, and purposefully applies technical writing strategies acquired in previous grades to other genres of writing and in a variety of writing situations such as expository compositions, historical investigative reports, etc.

Learning Target: Students will continue working on their Pick Three! Project and hone their writing skills in various media genres.

Activator: Spam spam spam spam

Today is our last day in the lab before next Tuesday, when your Pick Three! Project is due!! Our goal today is to get basically done with the project (and some of you already are!) so that next Tuesday, on the due date, you just have to do final finishing touches. I’m really excited to see your projects!

  • Call me around to your computer as you finish up, and I’ll grade you right there!
  • Remember that this project is worth a really large portion of your grade – fifteen percent of your total grade in the class! That’s a lot, so use this lab time wisely and don’t get stuck hurting your grade or having to do everything at home!
  • Remember to be creative on this project! I love seeing things like King Arthur talking smack on Sir Ector’s Facebook page 🙂 You guys are really good at this, so make this project count!
  • Here is a picture of a dolphin:


  1. play with me says:

    why the dolphin? its cute though

  2. taracita says:

    i love the dolphin…… bubbles!!!!!!!

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