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Computer Lab Tuesday

Standard: ELA10W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing.

Learning Target: Students will complete and turn in their Pick Three! Project while in the computer lab.

Activator: Sir Gawain in Stained Glass, Part 3

Welcome to the last lab day for this unit!! Your Pick Three! Project is DUE TODAY!!! You need to turn in all THREE of your projects today! Not tomorrow or later on or next week, but today! For most of you this won’t be a problem, because almost all of you have one or two done already. For some people…well, you better get to workin’!

If anyone has any questions, Mrs. Connell and I will be here in the lab with you to answer them. Just get your stuff done and we’ll all be good to go – and hey, tomorrow we start our last unit of the school year! Aren’t you guys excited?!

Well, if you weren’t already, here’s an exciting picture for you:

(No, really, I googled “Excitement” and that’s what came up…)