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Your Pick Three! Project is DUE TOMORROW!

Morning, everyone! I hope you guys all had an awesome weekend!

Standard: ELA10W2 The student demonstrates competence in a variety of genres.

Learning Target: Students will complete and perform their Sir Gawain and the Green Knight skits.

Activator: Sir Gawain in Stained Glass, Part 2

Today we’re finishing up the project we started last Thursday, where you guys were performing parts of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” We’ll take about a half hour to prepare in our groups, and then start recording! After we record everyone’s performances, we’ll get them onto the computer and watch them back. I think it’s going to be really, really awesome!

After we finish the Sir Gawain project, we’re going to take a quick checkpoint quiz. Because we don’t have a test for this unit, I need to give you guys a little mini-assessment to make sure we’re still on target. We’ll grade these together, but I won’t record the grades – just use them for data purposes to make sure everyone is on track for the final. So, nothing to freak out about, just do your best and show me what you know!

That’s all for today, guys! Tomorrow we’re in the computer lab, and your Pick Three! Project is DUE DUE DUE!!!! This is a major part of your grade, so make sure you turn it in completely tomorrow!!!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tuesdays

Welcome to Tuesday! Are you guys counting down to Winter Break yet? I’m thinking I’ll get one of those schwifty countdown timers for the blog…

Standard: ELA10W4 The student practices both timed and process writing and, when applicable, uses the writing process to develop, revise, and evaluate writing.

Learning Target: Students will review the first three habits of highly effective people, and write an impromptu essay about how they can apply those habits to their lives. They will also take a checkpoint data quiz.

Activator: Double commercial day!!

Farmer’s University: Lobsters!

Farmer’s University: Dryer Fires!

Good morning, my lovely students! I hope you guys all are having a great week! I know I am! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today we started off with our Habit 3 presentation! GOOOO HABIT THREE!! And after that, habit four got some time to go work on their presentation, which’ll take place TOMORROW!! WHOOO!!!

Yep, I’m caffeinated today!

Anyway, today after our presentation we took a checkpoint quiz for our data team, to see how y’all are doing ๐Ÿ™‚ Page 1120, 1121, 1220, and 1221 – four questions per page, 12 questions total. Take your time and get these right…and afterward we’ll hand out the red pens and correct them together.

After finishing our lil quiz, we reviewed a PowerPoint on the 7 Habits and talked about the first three habits, the Private Victory. This part of the 7 habits really has to be mastered before you can go on to any other part, so that’s why we’re spending a little extra time on it ๐Ÿ™‚ With the review and such out of the way, I wanted to give you guys some time to see if we really understand these habits. So let’s write an impromptu essay! You have thirty minute – here’s your prompt:

How have you conquered or started working towards the first three habits of highly effective people? Are you close to achieving the private victory, or still far away? How are you getting closer, and what could you be doing better?

Monty Python and the Holy Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday! I hope y’all are enjoying the movie so far. Today we’ll be finishing it up, then looking at some more King Arthur hoopla.

Standard: ELA10RL2 The student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of theme in literary works and provides evidence from the works to support understanding.

Learning Target: Students will finish watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail and then take a checkpoint quiz to determine their progress in class thus far.

Activator: Our daily video will be the ending of Monty Python.

I hope you guys enjoyed the movie! We’ll get some more formal reactions to it later on, but for now let’s spend the rest of the class giggling about it. Then, I can hiss at you to be quiet while we’re taking a checkpoint quiz, even though I really don’t want to. What a fun day!

…. Right.

So, after the movie and the checkpoint quiz, and going over the checkpoint quiz, we put our Thinking Map Caps on and made a double bubble map! I wanted to compare and contrast the Monty Python version of King Arthur with the legendary version we’ve been studying. Tomorrow, we’ll do more with the thinking maps we’re making today, but I would like y’all to please copy it off the board so you have it for tomorrow. I’ll also post a copy to the blog for you to see!

PS – Do you guys like the new layout? I’m a fan, personally ๐Ÿ™‚

Apologies to first block. I forgot to take a picture of your map. ๐Ÿ™

Third Block’s:


Today’s blog post is PINK, in honor of the Pink Out at tonight’s football game!

Hey, did you guys forget about the Fix-it up strategies from way back at the beginning of the semester? Well, I didn’t!

Standard: EL10RL1, Subheading 1, Bullet A: the student analyzes and explains the structures and elements of nonfiction works such as newspaper articles and editorials, magazine articles, journal articles, and/or other informational texts.

Learning Target: Students will look at two paragraphs of information and apply reading comprehension strategies to help interpret the text of the first paragraph, and then compare their version to the much-simpler second paragraph.

Activator: Daily video! More Schrodinger’s Cat!

Schroedinger’s Cat from the Big Bang Theory

Today, after our video, we’re starting off with a little benchmark quiz! Flip your book to page 438….answer questions 1-9, then turn the page and do questions 1-6. We will grade these together as a class and then it will go in as a quiz grade! Yay!!

After our benchmark, we revisited those fix-it-up strategies from the beginning of the year. One of the strategies we do all the time in class is making predictions, but we’re gonna change it up today and do a different strat.

I’ll put the strategy list on the board. I would like everyone to choose a strategy from the list, write it down on your paper, and in one or two lines, summarize the strategy. Got it?

Okay, now divide the rest of your paper into four squares and let’s look at some pretty complicated text…and see if we can’t use the strategies to help us understand it!

In this box, write down one sentence from the paragraph that you do not understand. In this square, write the individual words that are hardest for you to understand. No more than four words.
In this box, write down how your strategy applies to this sentence. For example, if you chose “reread,” you might say that slowing down and carefully reading each word will help. In this box, rewrite the sentence in an easier-to-understand way.


This is a paragraph about a scientist and an experiment he did involving a cat. We’ll fix-it-up on the first paragraph, then see how well our strategies worked by looking at the (much easier to understand) second paragraph.


Act One, Scene Tuesday

Daily video! Julius Caesar in Lego!

Our daily video is a student-created interpretation of the plot of Julius Caesar, as performed by Lego Star Wars toys. I wish I could make this up, but that’s completely true!

Anyway, today we did another benchmark test. I know, I KNOW, I’ve heard it’s not your favorite thing in the world. But we’ve gotta do it, so again, thank you guys for doing so well with it!!

And then we read Act I, Scene iii, to finish up Act I from where we left off yesterday!

Here’s the Wikipedia on Elizabethan England. Learning about this should help us understand some of the reasons why Shakespeare wrote the way he did.

And finally, we finished off by learning a little bit more about Roman History, and also by learning about the time when Shakespeare wrote the play. Here’s the PowerPoint we looked at with pictures of Roman artwork, architecture, and all that good stuff!

Rome’s Founding to the End of the Republic