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American Lit: CTLS Monday!


ELAGSE11-12RL1 Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain.

Learning Target: I can demonstrate my progress on an CTLS Assessment.

Opening Session: Vocab!

  1. Dominion
  2. Immoderate
  3. Wrath
  4. Appease
  5. Indictment
  6. Deposed
  7. Afflicted
  8. Lanced

Work Session: We will spend the entire Work Session today working on your CTLS assessment on the laptops!

Closing Session: Make any final edits to your essay from last week and get it attached to OneNote so I can grade them! I MUST have them by today so I can print and bring them to my meeting on Wednesday 🙂

Assessment: Formative (CTLS)

Differentiation: Process (scaffolding)