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Computer Lab Tuesday

Standard: ELA10W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing.

Learning Target: Students will complete and turn in their Pick Three! Project while in the computer lab.

Activator: Sir Gawain in Stained Glass, Part 3

Welcome to the last lab day for this unit!! Your Pick Three! Project is DUE TODAY!!! You need to turn in all THREE of your projects today! Not tomorrow or later on or next week, but today! For most of you this won’t be a problem, because almost all of you have one or two done already. For some people…well, you better get to workin’!

If anyone has any questions, Mrs. Connell and I will be here in the lab with you to answer them. Just get your stuff done and we’ll all be good to go – and hey, tomorrow we start our last unit of the school year! Aren’t you guys excited?!

Well, if you weren’t already, here’s an exciting picture for you:

(No, really, I googled “Excitement” and that’s what came up…)

Your Pick Three! Project is DUE TOMORROW!

Morning, everyone! I hope you guys all had an awesome weekend!

Standard: ELA10W2 The student demonstrates competence in a variety of genres.

Learning Target: Students will complete and perform their Sir Gawain and the Green Knight skits.

Activator: Sir Gawain in Stained Glass, Part 2

Today we’re finishing up the project we started last Thursday, where you guys were performing parts of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” We’ll take about a half hour to prepare in our groups, and then start recording! After we record everyone’s performances, we’ll get them onto the computer and watch them back. I think it’s going to be really, really awesome!

After we finish the Sir Gawain project, we’re going to take a quick checkpoint quiz. Because we don’t have a test for this unit, I need to give you guys a little mini-assessment to make sure we’re still on target. We’ll grade these together, but I won’t record the grades – just use them for data purposes to make sure everyone is on track for the final. So, nothing to freak out about, just do your best and show me what you know!

That’s all for today, guys! Tomorrow we’re in the computer lab, and your Pick Three! Project is DUE DUE DUE!!!! This is a major part of your grade, so make sure you turn it in completely tomorrow!!!

Sir Gawain and the Green Thursday

Standard: ELA10RL1 The student demonstrates comprehension by identifying evidence (i.e., examples of diction, imagery, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, plot events and main ideas) in a variety of texts representative of different genres (i.e., poetry, prose [short story, novel, essay, editorial, biography], and drama) and using this evidence as the basis for interpretation.

Learning Target: Students will work in groups to perform a skit about part of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. They will then present these skits to the class.

Activator: Sir Gawain in Stained Glass, Part I

Welcome to Thursday! Today we’re reading our LAST ARTHUR LEGEND!! Can you believe it?! Aaaand… After tomorrow? Only three more weeks until finals week and then SUMMER BREAK! Yeah, I may be getting a little excited 😛

Anyway, today we’re reading a story called “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. I like this story because it gives you an idea of the sort of knights Arthur had around him at the Round Table. We’re going to split up into four groups by numbering off around our tables. Each group will be assigned a section of the story. You’ll learn this story, and present to the class. Today will be all about learning your parts and practicing together, and we will do a practice run. On Monday, we’ll perform the entire story straight through. I’ll record it, too! And then, of course, you guys will get to watch my other two classes presentations as our daily video on Tuesday 🙂

  • One or two people in your group should be the narrator(s). These people will actually read the text aloud that I give you – yes, the whole thing!
  • Throughout the story, the narrators will stop and the actors will act out what’s going on in the scene.
  • When one group finishes, the next group needs to be ready to take their place on stage immediately.

Everyone know what’s going on? Awesome! I can’t wait to see your performances!!

What’s Up for Wednesday?

Standard: ELA10RL3 The student deepens understanding of literary works by relating them to contemporary context or historical background, as well as to works from other time periods.

Learning Target: Students will complete their parody, and watch a video about the historical evidence behind King Arthur.

Activator: The Dark Ages Begins! (History Channel Video)

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone! Today we’re going to spend the first thirty minutes (or so) of class finishing up the parodies we started last Thursday, then continued on Monday. Fourth block, you’ll finish the essays you started on Monday. These are kinda fun, right? RIGHT?

Speaking of finishing, we have a couple more things that need to be finished up today! Remember those notes we started a while ago, then continued last week? We’re going to finally finish them today! YAAAY! I love it when things get finished! And speaking of finishing things, remember the KWL chart? No? Well, way back at the beginning of the unit we made a tree map that diagrammed what we already know about King Arthur, what we would like to learn, and then we left some room for the L, which stands for what we already learned. Today, since we’ve learned so much, we’ll fill out that section!

Next, we’ll watch a video, courtesy of Netflix, on King Arthur. This is an episode of “In Search of Myths and Heroes” on King Arthur, and it’s pretty cool, so I hope you like it! Finally, we’ll end the day with another 8-minute Rushwrite. See you guys tomorrow for our LAST ARTHUR READING!!

Computer Lab Tuesday

Welcome to the lab!

Standard: ELA10W3, Subheading 3: The student produces technical writing that clearly, logically, and purposefully applies technical writing strategies acquired in previous grades to other genres of writing and in a variety of writing situations such as expository compositions, historical investigative reports, etc.

Learning Target: Students will continue working on their Pick Three! Project and hone their writing skills in various media genres.

Activator: Spam spam spam spam

Today is our last day in the lab before next Tuesday, when your Pick Three! Project is due!! Our goal today is to get basically done with the project (and some of you already are!) so that next Tuesday, on the due date, you just have to do final finishing touches. I’m really excited to see your projects!

  • Call me around to your computer as you finish up, and I’ll grade you right there!
  • Remember that this project is worth a really large portion of your grade – fifteen percent of your total grade in the class! That’s a lot, so use this lab time wisely and don’t get stuck hurting your grade or having to do everything at home!
  • Remember to be creative on this project! I love seeing things like King Arthur talking smack on Sir Ector’s Facebook page 🙂 You guys are really good at this, so make this project count!
  • Here is a picture of a dolphin: