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Bienvenidos a Lunes, Mis Estudiantes!

Good morning, everyone! You ready to read a poem in another language today? YAY!!

Standard: ELA10RL3 The student deepens understanding of literary works by relating them to contemporary context or historical background, as well as to works from other time periods.

Learning Target: Students will learn about the poetic form of the sonnet, as well as read a poem in Spanish, and then compose a sonnet of their own.

Activator: Today’s daily video comes you courtesy of Robin Williams – It’s a scene from the movie Patch Adams. Thanks to some technical difficulties I don’t have the clip uploaded here, but I will later on today or this week.

So, today we’re reading a poem called “Soneto XVII” by Pablo Neruda. This is one of my very favoritest poems, and I really hope you guys like it!! And yes, of course, we’ll write a poetry journal on it, so don’t you worry your pretty li’l’ heads about that!!

(Good news, everyone! I’ve perfected a plague  I mean, as of today you’re 70% done with your poetry journals!! WHOO!!!)

Here’s the complete list of journals you should have so far:

  1. “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe
  2. The Robert Frost poem your class chose (“The Road Not Taken” for 1st and 4th; “Nothing Gold Can Stay” for 3rd)
  3. “The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes
  4. “Making a Fist” by Naomi Shihab Nye
  5. “Metaphor” by Eve Merriam
  6. “The Kraken” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  7. “Soneto XVII” by Pablo Neruda

…and tomorrow we’ll continue on.

After we finished reading, translating, re-reading, analyzing, and so on and so forth with this sonnet, we’re going to talk a little about what the heck a sonnet is, anyway and then tried our hand at writing one! I’ll put some starter lines up on the board for you guys and we’ll see how far you can get on writing a sonnet of your own. Tomorrow we’ll talk about iambic pentameter and watch some DJ hero that will help my visual learners “see” the rhythm a little easier 🙂

And at the end of class we’ll take some time to search for poems we like for our poetry slam, which is on Friday!! Also, just to remind you, your poetry unit test will be Tuesday, February 7th, which is also when your journals are due!!!!

Day Nine, a Slant Rhyme, for the Last Time!

Welcome to our last day of poetry!

Before you ask, I will grade your tests and Coach Hubscher will grade your poetry journals (’cause he’s AWESOME!) over the weekend, and your grades will be available to you on Monday, when we start our Short Story unit. Yay, short story unit!

Today in class we talked about some poetic forms, including the Sonnet and the Villanelle. Then, we read an example of each: Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” and Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” And, although we talked about these poems in class and discussed what each meant and how each was written, I didn’t make you do a poetry journal 🙂

After discussing the poems, we wrote our own villanelle. If you missed today, this worksheet will help you write your own outside of class. The document contains two of the same worksheet, side by side — you only need to fill out one, of course.

And then we shared.

Our daily video!

“The Raven” as read by Lisa Simpson

(my apologies for the quality of the video, it was the only one I could find :))