Countdown to Spring Break in 5…

Welcome back, everyone! I know Mondays are no fun, but take heart, for spring break is nigh!

Standard: ELA10RL1 The student demonstrates comprehension by identifying evidence (i.e., examples of diction, imagery, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, plot events and main ideas) in a variety of texts representative of different genres (i.e., poetry, prose [short story, novel, essay, editorial, biography], and drama) and using this evidence as the basis for interpretation.

Learning Target: Students will discuss symbolism in The Hunger Games.


So, I was thinking we’d start our next unit this week, but actually we’re a little ahead of schedule (no idea how that happened) and I didn’t really want to start right before spring break, so we’re going to do all Hunger Games stuff this week and really push through to try and get more of the book finished. First thing? Reading! Yep, yep, reading, I know, isn’t it fantastic?

Anyway, after reading some Hunger Games today I want to take some time to talk about the symbolism in the book. How do you think the following things are symbolic in The Hunger Games? What do they represent?

  • Pearls
  • Flowers
  • Colors (Effie’s pink hair, Octavia’s green body, Flavius’s blue hair, Katniss’s blue dress, etc.)
  • Names (Cinna, Octavia, Portia, Flavius, Caesar, and several other characters have names borrowed from famous Romans.)
  • Coal

After we talk about symbolism, we’re going to write a little bit about them, doing a silent discussion. Tomorrow we’ll read more and then write more and maybe even get the book done by the end of the week!!


  1. Karen says:

    Ms.SPICELAND!!! DO NOT RUIN THE MOVIE FOR ME! I haven’t seen it yet!!!! Good morning by the way:-)

  2. Karen says:

    I mean Mrs. Spiceland. you are married right?

    • Spiceland says:

      Yes, I am married 🙂 And I won’t ruin the movie for you – but I will say it follows the book very closely!

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