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Hey, did you guys forget about the Fix-it up strategies from way back at the beginning of the semester? Well, I didn’t!

Standard: EL10RL1, Subheading 1, Bullet A: the student analyzes and explains the structures and elements of nonfiction works such as newspaper articles and editorials, magazine articles, journal articles, and/or other informational texts.

Learning Target: Students will look at two paragraphs of information and apply reading comprehension strategies to help interpret the text of the first paragraph, and then compare their version to the much-simpler second paragraph.

Activator: Daily video! More Schrodinger’s Cat!

Schroedinger’s Cat from the Big Bang Theory

Today, we revisited those fix-it-up strategies from the beginning of the year. One of the strategies we do all the time in class is making predictions, but we’re gonna change it up today and do a different strat.

I’ll put the strategy list on the board. I would like everyone to choose a strategy from the list, write it down on your paper, and in one or two lines, summarize the strategy. Got it?

Okay, now divide the rest of your paper into four squares and let’s look at some pretty complicated text…and see if we can’t use the strategies to help us understand it!

In this box, write down one sentence from the paragraph that you do not understand. In this square, write the individual words that are hardest for you to understand. No more than four words.
In this box, write down how your strategy applies to this sentence. For example, if you chose “reread,” you might say that slowing down and carefully reading each word will help. In this box, rewrite the sentence in an easier-to-understand way.


This is a paragraph about a scientist and an experiment he did involving a cat. We’ll fix-it-up on the first paragraph, then see how well our strategies worked by looking at the (much easier to understand) second paragraph.

Here’s a picture of my cat, Schroedinger 🙂



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