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Welcome to Friday! You may have noticed I’m not here…

…actually, you probably haven’t, because with the sub here there’s no one to put the blog on the board 😛


Activator: No video today, guys. Please don’t eat the sub.

Learning Target: Students will review some symbolism concepts from the King Arthur legends we have been studying, as well as focus their minds on some puzzles.

Today you guys are going to be working on a worksheet packet. I know, I know! I’m not a huge fan! But the good news is that a completed packed is worth 10 points extra credit on a low test grade. The packet is half worksheets and half puzzles. I hope you guys have a good day without me!!!

King Arthur Puzzles

Symbolism: The Holy Grail

Symbolism: The Round Table

Symbolism: Excalibur

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