Tuesday’s Revolutionary Fire!

Standard:  RI.9-10.2. Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text.

Learning Target: Students will read a nonfiction article, use the Squeepers strategy to understand it, and read more House of the Scorpion.

Activator: Yes, yes, we will finish Nemo first…

Welcome to our Rebellion! unit, everyone! Today we’re going to start learning about what it takes to be a rebel. We’re going to continue reading The House of the Scorpion throughout this unit, as it is our anchor text. We’re also going to learn about persuasive techniques, write a persuasive essay, and do all kinds of fun,rebellious activities.

Starting with talking about Facebook! This article from Wired.com is about how the recent uprising in Egypt was caused by social media. We’re going to read it together using the Squeepers strategy, which goes like this:

  • S=survey
    • Preview the text
      • Look at the pictures/captions
      • Read highlighted/ bold words
      • Read headings/subheadinges
      • Think about what you are about to read
  • Q=question
    • Generate questions that we will be able to answer after we read (or look at questions on a test)
  • P=predict
    • Predict 1 to 3 things we will learn while reading
  • R=read
    • Read
      • Alone
      • With teacher
      • With partner
      • With a group
  • R=respond
    • Discuss which questions were answered
    • Review which questions weren’t answered
    • Eliminate questions that aren’t likely to be answered
    • Develop new questions
    • Continue surveying process
  • S=summarize
    • Summarize what we have learned

..and after we SQUEEPERS, we’re going to end the day reading more House of the Scorpion. YAY!

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