It’s a Giant Tuesday!

Standard: RL.9-10.6. Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature from outside the United States, drawing on a wide reading of world literature.

Learning Target: Students will review for their test on Friday by summarizing one of the acts of Julius Caesar in three different ways.

Activator: The Ides of March – The Assassination of Caesar

So, now that we’ve finished our essays, I’m going to split everyone into groups of 6ish (might be a little less than six in 1st block) and assign each group an act in the play. Each person in the group will have a role – 2 illustrators, 2 writers, and 2 vocabulary builders.

The illustrators have to illustrate their act, the writers have to do a 2 paragraph summary of their act, and the vocabulary builders have to find 20 vocabulary words and definitions from their act (any word from the play as long as it’s a word you don’t already know, and believe me, there are plenty). 

When y’all are done (I’m going to give youtime to polish them up tomorrow) I will hang them in the hallway and we can do a gallery walk. Best poster (by class vote) will get 5 points extra credit on their test! By the by, that test will be FRIDAY. Yes that’s right kids, TEST ON FRIDAY!!!

I’m grading the assignment thusly:

  • 20 points Vocabulary
  • 20 points summary
  • 20 points illustration
  • 20 points creativity
  • 20 points teamwork/effort

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