Testing Friday!

Standard: RL.9-10.9. Analyze how an author draws on and transforms source material in a specific work (e.g., how Shakespeare treats a theme or topic from Ovid or the Bible or how a later author draws on a play by Shakespeare).

Learning Target: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Julius Caesar on a test after a gallery walk of their posters.

Activator: 5 minutes of study time :)

Today we’re going to start with a gallery walk of the posters you made earlier this week. Remember, the winning poster team gets 5 points extra credit added onto today’s test grade!!!

And speaking of tests, that’s our plan for today after the gallery walk! We will have the remainder of class to finish your test. After that, you guys can have some time to hang out, because I don’t want to start the next unit quite yet. As a sidenote, I may not be back on Monday *cross your fingers for me* but if I am, when I get here we’re starting MONSTERS!!!


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