Computer Lab Friday!

Warning! Warning! This is your last chance in the computer lab before you’re due to present NEXT THURSDAY!!!!

Standard: ›ELA10RL2 The student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of theme in literary works and provides evidence from the works to support understanding.

Learning Target: Students will utilize their time wisely to finish the aspects of their Pick Three! Project which are due next Thursday. They will also have the opportunity to make up backed assignments.

Activator: More Monty Python! And in honor of the technological component of this unit, I ask you, do you know where the term “spam” comes from?


So, turns out the link I wanted to put up yesterday wasn’t working. Whoops. Here’s the PowerPoint template you can use to make a fake Facebook:

Facebook sample page – JFK

Now, obviously you won’t be making yours about JFK, so you’ll wanna delete all that information and replace it with King Arthur stuff.

If you get done everything you can get done on your Pick Three! Project, then work on any backed assignments you might have – you can always ask me if you’re not sure what you’re missing.

Go forth, my minions! Pick Three!

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