AP Lang: Money and the American Dream

Standard: ELAGSE11-12RI2 Determine two or more central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to provide a complex analysis; provide an objective summary of the text.

Learning Target: I can analyze multiple texts to identify the development of a recurring idea or theme.

Opening Session: Kanye West – Gold Digger

Work Session: Today it’s all about the benjamins – MONEY. Let’s start out by reading the series of quotes about money on page 81 in the American Lit springboard textbook. Any of these you particularly agree or disagree with? Why or why not?

After we discuss the quotes, let’s look at this poem, “Money,” by Dana Gioia. What do you think of this poem? It’s almost entirely made of idioms, or figures of speech, about money. There are quite a few, as you can see!

Next up, we will read this scene from A Raisin In The Sun. I’ll take a volunteer to be Mama, one for Ruth, and one for Walter. What are these characters’ attitudes towards money?

Finally, we’re going to put all our readings together (synthesize) and do the argumentative writing prompt on page 86 in your text: “Express a personal attitude towards money, incorporating quotations from one of the quotes about money, a line from the poem, and a statement from the excerpt of A Raisin In The Sun as either support for your position or a counterclaim that you take issue with.”

You’ll have the remainder of class to write this!

Closing Session: VOCAB QUIZ!!!!!

Assessment: Formative – class discussions, Formal – vocab quiz

Differentiation: Process – scaffolding

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