AP Lang: Continue Reading The Crucible

Standard:  ELAGSE11-12RL3 Analyze the impact of the author’s choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., where a story is set, how the action is ordered, how the characters are introduced and developed).

Learning Target: I can analyze the characters’ actions and the author’s intent in The Crucible.

Opening Session:  VOCAB!!!

  1. —Abhor
    1. —(verb) to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply
  2. —Amend
    1. —(verb) to change in a formal way; to change for the better
  3. —Buffet
    1. —(verb) to slap or cuff; to strike repeatedly; to drive or force with blows; to force one’s way with difficulty
    2. —(noun) a slap, blow
  4. —Chaos
    1. —(noun) great confusion, disorder
  5. —Commodious
    1. —(adj.) roomy, spacious
  6. —Corrosive
    1. —(adj.) eating away gradually; acidlike; bitterly sarcastic
  7. —Discern
    1. —(verb) to see clearly, recognize
  8. —Extant
    1. —(adj.) still existing; not exterminated, destroyed, or lost
  9. —Implicate
    1. —(verb) to involve in; to connect with or be related to
  10. —Inter
    1. —(verb) to bury, commit to the earth; consign to oblivion
  11. —Martinet
    1. —(noun) a strict disciplinarian; a stickler for the rules
  12. —Obviate
    1. —(verb) to anticipate or prevent; to remove, dispose of
  13. —Reprehensible
    1. —(adj.) deserving blame or punishment
  14. —Renegade
    1. —(noun) one who leaves a group; a deserter, outlaw
    2. —(adj.) traitorous; unconventional, unorthodox
  15. —Somber
    1. —(adj.) dark, gloomy; depressed or melancholy in spirit
  16. —Squalid
    1. —(adj.) filthy, wretched, debased
  17. —Turbulent
    1. —(adj.) disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy
  18. —Vociferous
    1. —(adj.) loud and noisy; compelling attention
  19. —Voluminous
    1. —(adj.) of great size; numerous; writing or speaking at great length
  20. —Waive
    1. —(verb) to do without, give up voluntarily; to put off temporarily, defer—

Work Session: Today we’re continuing to read The Crucible! Here’s the cast list, in case anyone has forgotten their part:

  • Rev. Parris – Ivan
  • Betty Parris – Katrina
  • Tituba – Jaytin
  • Abigail Williams – Fatima
  • Susanna Walcott – Alexa
  • Mrs. Ann Putnam – Mauricio
  • Mr. Thomas Putnam – Kathy
  • Mercy Lewis – Evelin
  • Mary Warren – Aracely
  • John Proctor – Adriana
  • Rebecca Nurse – Ivon
  • Giles Corey – Stella
  • Rev. Hale – Katrina
  • Elizabeth Proctor – Joselyn
  • Francis Nurse – Ore
  • Ezekiel Cheever – Ashley
  • Marshal Herrick – Janae
  • Judge Hathorne – Aveia
  • Deputy Governor Danforth – Khmeya
  • Sarah Good – Darlene
  • Hopkins –  Joshua

Closing Session: Journal entry: What’s significant or ironic about John Proctor being unable to remember the Commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultery”?

Assessment: Formative (journal check, class discussions)

Differentiation: Process (scaffolding)

Homework: Read 20 minutes in your Free Choice book

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