Monty Python and the Holy Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday! I hope y’all are enjoying the movie so far. Today we’ll be finishing it up, then looking at some more King Arthur hoopla.

Standard: ELA10RL2 The student identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of theme in literary works and provides evidence from the works to support understanding.

Learning Target: Students will finish watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail and then take a checkpoint quiz to determine their progress in class thus far.

Activator: Our daily video will be the ending of Monty Python.

I hope you guys enjoyed the movie! We’ll get some more formal reactions to it later on, but for now let’s spend the rest of the class giggling about it. Then, I can hiss at you to be quiet while we’re taking a checkpoint quiz, even though I really don’t want to. What a fun day!

…. Right.

So, after the movie and the checkpoint quiz, and going over the checkpoint quiz, we put our Thinking Map Caps on and made a double bubble map! I wanted to compare and contrast the Monty Python version of King Arthur with the legendary version we’ve been studying. Tomorrow, we’ll do more with the thinking maps we’re making today, but I would like y’all to please copy it off the board so you have it for tomorrow. I’ll also post a copy to the blog for you to see!

PS – Do you guys like the new layout? I’m a fan, personally 🙂

Apologies to first block. I forgot to take a picture of your map. 🙁

Third Block’s:

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