American Lit: EOC Prep Again!

  • ELAGSE11-12RL1 Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain. Georgia ELA
  • ELAGSE11-12RL2 Determine two or more themes or central ideas of text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. Georgia ELA
  • ELAGSE11-12RL3 Analyze the impact of the author’s choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., where a story is set, how the action is ordered, how the characters are introduced and developed). Georgia ELA

Learning Target
Students will practice test taking strategies for the EOC.

Opening Session
Get out your packet from yesterday and read over your notes. Keep them in mind as we continue today!


  1. Adulterate
    1. (verb) to corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value.
  2. Ambidextrous
    1. (adj.) able to use both hands equally well; very skillful; deceitful, hypocritical
  3. Augment
    1. (verb) to make larger, increase
  4. Bereft
    1. (adj., part.) deprived of; made unhappy through a loss
  5. Deploy
    1. (verb) to position or arrange; to utilize; to form up
  6. Dour
    1. (adj.) stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored
  7. Fortitude
    1. (noun) courage in facing difficulties
  8. Gape
    1. (verb) to stare with open mouth; to open the mouth wide; to open wide
  9. Gibe
    1. (verb) to utter taunting words
    2. (noun) an expression of scorn
  10. Guise
    1. (noun) an external appearance, cover, mask

Work Session
Today we’re going to start with a writing prompt, from the Margaret Atwood essay we read yesterday. Take a few minutes to attempt the writing prompt on your own, then I’ll pull it up on the board and write one “out loud” for you. Next, I would like you to go back and refine your first attempt to make it perfect.

Everyone got that? Great, let’s do another! This is my favorite, and the hardest, passage in the packet!

Closing Session

Trade your “The Eyes Have It” writing with someone at your table and evaluate each other’s according to the writing rubrics.

Formative (EOC Prep packet)

scaffolding, learning style, interest

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