World Lit: Women Do Everything, Depressing Study Finds


Learning Target: I can analyze gender roles in today’s society by reading an article about who is expected to do housework so that I can deepen my understanding of the feminism movement.

Opening Session: Let’s make a T-Chart! I’m going to put “husband” on one side and “wife” on the other, then I want your help to fill it in. When it comes to “adulting,” what do you expect the husband to do and what to you expect the wife to do? Things like cleaning, paying bills, yardwork, etc.

Work Session:

We’re going to have a class discussion! I want to use a new strategy with you guys called Talking Chips. I’m going to give everyone three little plastic circles, which are your talking chips. Your job is to “spend” all three chips by the end of our discussion. You spend a chip by contributing to the discussion – making a comment, agreeing or disagreeing, asking a question, etc. Once your chips are gone, you need to yield the floor to other speakers! And if you still have chips, you should be finding a way to contribute!

Here’s the prompt for our discussion (it may sound familiar): What are the ideal “roles” for men and women in our society? In other words, what should women do/be like/look like/act like, and what should men do/be like/look like/act like? Who should take on what duties/roles inside the house? Who should take on what professions/roles outside the house? Are there any professions that either gender should NOT do/be allowed to do?

After our discussion, I want to read an article with you guys:

Women Are Literally Expected To Do All The Chores, Depressing Study Finds

Closing Session:

So, after our discussion and the article today, we can see that we still have some gender roles in 2019. What do you think about this? For your Ticket Out The Door, write down if you think these gender roles are more beneficial or more harmful to society.


Formative (TOTD, class discussion)


Scaffolding, Learning style



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