Online Learning of A Doll’s House, Day 6

Welcome to week 2!! You did it, you successfully completed your first week of online learning!!!

Goals for the Week:

  1. Finish reading and analysis of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.
  2. Understand why A Doll’s House is considered feminist, and how it remains relevant today.
  3. Collaborate with your teacher or classmates to discuss the play.

Today’s Checklist:

  1. Watch the round table discussion on A Doll’s House.
    • Comment on YouTube with your input!
  2. Learn about the “I need feminism because…” project
  3. Make your own “I need feminism because” photo

Today’s Lesson!

Standard: ELAGSE9-10SL1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions(one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 9–10 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.

Learning Target: I can watch a round table discussion and participate by commenting on the video, so that I can be prepared to collaborate virtually with my classmates and/or teacher.


For our opening session today, I’d like to introduce this week’s assignment with a little story. Several years ago, a group of students walked around on Cambridge University’s campus, in England, holding a whiteboard and asking students to complete the sentence “I need feminism because…”. Responses ranged from “I need feminism because women only make 79 cents on the dollar” to “I need feminism because my granny is AWESOME,” to much more serious topics.

In our World Lit classes, we’ve taken the same challenge – twice! Check out the videos below:

Work Session: 

Check out this round table discussion between the World Literature teachers!

Here are the questions we’re discussing today. After watching the video, it would be awesome if you could comment on it (either on YouTube or here on the blog) and give your opinion on one of these! Remember, our goal this week is for some collaboration, so consider replying to your classmates’ comments! The more discussion, the better!

Round table discussion questions:

  1. A Doll’s House is considered a work of feminist literature. Do you agree or disagree with this and why?
  2. At this point in the play, we’ve seen Nora grow from childish and silly to anxious and fearful. Does Nora’s growth seem realistic? Talk to me about how she’s changed so far (through the end of act II).
  3. Nora and Torvald’s relationship was normal for the time when the play was written. Do you think their dynamic is still “normal” today? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Talk generally about the power dynamic in relationships.
  4. Krogstad, the antagonist of the play, is the only character to consistently treat Nora like an adult. Why do you think that is, and how do you think this drives the play forward?
  5. In the middle of act II, Dr. Rank confesses that he has been in love with Nora for a long time, and is telling her now because he’s going to die soon. Talk about this confession of love. Does this change things for Nora? Does it put something into perspective for the audience?

Closing Session: 

Now that we’ve discussed feminism in our round table, and you guys have grappled with what it means to be a feminist (your definitions were AWESOME, by the way, so much thought and depth!), we’re going to participate in the We Need Feminism Project.

Here is your assignment for this week: Make a sign that completes the sentence “I need feminism because” and send it to your teacher by Friday, March 27th. I will compile these photos into a new video for us!

Some tips:

  • Make the text on your sign bold and readable. Use markers, crayons, or color really heavy with pen or pencil.
  • You don’t have to show your face in your photo, if you don’t want to – use the sign to cover yourself!
  • Keep it school appropriate 🙂
  • If you mess up, get a new sheet instead of using the back. Sometimes writing on the back shows through the photo.
  • Make sure you flip the photo if you use the selfie cam – you don’t want your text to be backwards!

If you’d like to read more about the original project, you can check out this article, which links to the full gallery. Content warning: The images in the original project are uncensored and adult. Topics include rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and worse. If you want to look at the originals, you should do it with a trusted adult so that you can talk about what you’re seeing.

Looking Ahead: Tomorrow’s Checklist

If you want to get ahead on things, here is what we’re going to be doing tomorrow!

  1. Read the first half of act III of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen (from the beginning of the act to when Dr. Rank leaves)
  2. Consider the relationship between Krogstad and Mrs. Linde.
    • How does this relationship differ from Nora and Torvald’s? How does Krogstad act around Mrs. Linde, compared to how he acts around Nora?
  3. Reflect on Nora as a dynamic character vs. Torvald as a static one.
    • Nora has changed and grown (dynamic character) and Torvald has stayed exactly the same (static character). Reflect on how the two of them are interacting now, in act III, versus how they were interacting back in act I.

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