Greek Mythology: The Odyssey, Day 3

Goals for the Week:

  1. Understand the mythology of the Olympian gods/goddesses.
  2. Understand the plot and characters of Homer’s The Odyssey.
  3. Create a myth for an original Greek god/goddess.

Today’s Checklist:

  1. Watch a video clip from the film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief about the Land of the Lotus Eaters.
  2. Read Book 9 from The Odyssey.
  3. Fill out a Microsoft Form answering reading comprehension questions from Book 9.

Today’s Lesson!

* The Odyssey is a very large epic poem. Because of time constraints, we will be reading a couple of books from The Wanderings (journey) of Odysseus, as opposed to the entire text.


  • ELAGSE9-10RL6: Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature from outside the United States, drawing on a wide reading of world literature.
  • ELAGSE9-10RL9: Analyze how an author draws on and transforms source material in a specific work (e.g., how Shakespeare treats a theme or topic from Ovid or the Bible or how a later author draws on a play by Shakespeare).
  • ELAGSE9-10RL3: Analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme.

Learning Target: 

I can read and analyze Book 9 of The Odyssey, so that I can complete a Microsoft Form answering 8 reading comprehension questions, in order to demonstrate understanding of the text.


Homer describes the Land of the Lotus-Eaters in Book 9 The Odyssey. Lotus-Eaters eat the lotus plant, forget their heart’s desire, and never want to leave. Check out this modern interpretation in a video clip from the film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. 

Work Session: 

* Book 9 focuses on Odysseus’s interactions with the cyclops, Polyphemus, who is Poseidon’s son. Students usually find this to be one of the more interesting books from the The Odyssey due to its humor and action. *

  • Read Book 9 of The Odyssey.

Holt Literature Textbook, The Odyssey, Book 9

  • You can also listen to an audiobook of Book 9 from one of the versions of The Odyssey. 

Closing Session: 

Let’s wrap up what we read today with a brief video summary of Book 9 from The Odyssey. Check out this video by Course Hero.

Looking Ahead: Tomorrow’s Checklist

If you want to get ahead on things, here is what we’re going to be doing tomorrow!

  1. We’re going to read and analyze Book 12 from The Odyssey.
  2. We’re going to OPTIC strategy two depictions of sirens from The Odyssey.



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