Welcome to the lab! Today we’re catching up 😀

Standard: ELA10W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing.

Learning Target: Students will complete their overdue assignments and take missed tests.

Activator: Unpack your adjectives!

So, today we’re catching up! The plan is for everyone to get a chance to turn in things they’re missing or make up work they haven’t done yet.

  • If you missed a test, you’ll stay behind in the classroom and take it. Afterward, you’ll join us in the computer lab.
  • While in the lab, I want you guys to work on completing anything you have due for me still – for most of you, this’ll be your Julius Caesar essay, but some people still need to work on their short story. Whatever it is, I have a list of those of you that have everything done and turned in 🙂
  • After you’re finished with EVERYTHING, I want you to play on USA Test Prep. Get some practice in for those EOCTs and graduation tests!!


  1. play with me says:

    what if i don’t want to do it???? either of them: test, julius caeser or USA test prep?????

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