Welcome to the resources page! Here you will find links to things that can help you out in my English class, and maybe even in your future classes!

Need help finding your vocabulary word definitions? Try!

Partial text of The House of the Scorpion, from

The Hunger Games Full Text Online

The Hunger Games Full Text Online Link 2

Catching Fire Full Text Online

Mockingjay Full Text Online

Julius Caesar Full Text Online

Purdue OWL MLA Formatting Guide

Citation Machine

Grammar and Writing Resources

If you have Word 2003, or any version of Word before 2007, you will need to download something from Microsoft to open the Word documents and PowerPoints I upload to the blog. Here’s the link to download the .docx reader plugin for old versions of Microsoft Word:

View a 2007 or 2010 Word document in older versions of Word

More to come as I collect them!



  1. Travis says:

    I dont know how to find the work on this blog…. I need help…

    • Spiceland says:

      You can click on the days you’ve missed on the calendar to see what we’ve done that day, or you can search for specific assignments you’re missing by using the search box over there <——

  2. Drey all Day says:

    ummmmmm im just really bored and i wanted to see if my comment would pop up on here.I usually dont even get on this thing so i guess that how you can pretty much tell im super bored… -___-

  3. Drey all Day says:

    im already finished with @ i just gotta’ finished my 3rd one at home

  4. Jauan Eason says:

    How do u use citation machine

    • Spiceland says:

      go to and click on where it says “MLA” in the big blue box on the left. If I were standing behind you in the lab right now, I would say “Your other left” until you moved the cursor over there… OK, good. Now choose what type of source you’re citing from the list; most likely you will want “Web Document” which is listed underneath the picture of a book. Now you can go to your source (your website where you got the information) and find things like the author’s name, the website title, the publishing date, etc. If you can’t find something, just leave it blank. Then click to generate the citation and copy and paste it into your essay! TA-DA!

  5. Jauan Eason says:

    And are you still giving out extra credit for hooking up the blog please send info if so

    • Spiceland says:

      Yes, if you want to design a logo for the blog I could do some extra credit for that. Make sure it’s about 100 pixels tall, width can be anything you want. The background color red is #BD0909. I would like it to use the Louisville Cardinal.

      Good luck!

  6. Jauan Eason says:

    I don’t know were to to to get started

  7. no name says:

    yayyy spring break i’m so glad i dont have to come to school for a week 🙂

  8. salihah spann says:

    Mrs.Spiceland do you have a link for the julius caesar essay?

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