Writing Rubric

 This is my level:

Ideas Domain

This is what I did:

 This is what I should do next time:
0: Insufficient Response
  • The writing I turned in was off-topic or very short.
    • Write on the topic and seek help if available.
1: Emerging 
  • I state what texts I am using.
  • I summarized the texts.


  • Write about the argument, not just the texts we’re using.
  • Organize my writing by making it into paragraphs.
  • Add additional information or paragraphs to finish my writing (for example, a conclusion or additional body paragraph.)
2: Approaching Standards 
  • I state the topic and the different sides.
  • I give evidence from the texts.


  • Choose a side on the topic and argue about that side.
  • Mention the counterclaim or “other side.”
  • Organize my writing better. I could ask a friend to read my writing to see if it makes sense.
3: Meeting Standards
  • I make a claim by stating the topic and what side I have chosen to debate.
  • I give relevant evidence from the texts in support of my claim.
  • I discuss the counterclaim using evidence from the texts. (“Some people say…”)
  • My writing has an ineffective method of organization.


  • Explain why the side I chose is very important.
  • Clarify and more thoroughly explain the evidence I got from the text and explain why it warrants consideration.
  • Refute the counterclaim by explaining why I’m still right.
  • Organize my paper using a clear method, such as chronologically or order of importance.
4: Exceeding Standards 
  • I make a specific claim by stating the topic, what side I have chosen to debate, and that side’s importance.
  • I give clear, accurate, and relevant evidence from the texts in support of my claim.
  • I explain why the data or evidence I chose warrants consideration.
  • I discuss and refute the counterclaim using evidence from the texts. (“Some people say… but those people are wrong because…”)
  • My writing has a clear method of organization (for example, chronologically, order of importance, increasing complexity, etc.).


Organization – 20 points

0 – The essay is completely disorganized and impossible to follow; it is a “wall of text” or sets every sentence in its own paragraph, etc. 10 – The essay is somewhat well organized, but may “wander” some during discussion, get a little repetitive, or stray off topic. 20 – The essay is well-organized; it is easy to follow and flows logically throughout.


Style – 20 points

0 – The essay is written in first person, or is otherwise very informal. The author writes conversationally, uses foul language or slang, etc. 10 – The essay is generally formal and stylistically appropriate. There may be an occasional contraction or misuse of first person, but it is overall well done. 20 – The essay is free of contractions, first person, informal language, and other stylistic issues. It should also be engaging to read.


Conventions – 20 points

0 – The essay has so many grammatical errors that it is unreadable; quotes are not cited; the works cited page is not present. 10 – The essay may have one or two mistakes in it, but is generally readable and grammatically correct. Citations are generally correct as well. 20 – The essay is properly formatted and free of all but the most minor grammatical errors.

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