Essay Feedback Chart

# If: Then:
1 Thesis or main idea is not well supported by claims
  • Rephrase your paragraphs so that they begin with a strong claim that will back up your thesis statement.
  • Make a list of all the reasons or claims that back up your thesis, then find where you discuss them in your paper and check them off your list. If you did not check everything off, go back and add information.
2 Claims are not backed up by warrants
  • Remember that a warrant is proof that your claims are correct. Check each claim to make sure it has sufficient proof to back it up. Highlight claims and corresponding warrants in the same color, using a different color for each new claim.
  • If one or two claims are lacking warrants, remember the three ways to persuade and consider adding those in. Do you include expert opinions (ethos)? Do you include facts, statistics, or quotes directly from the text (logos)? Do you tell passionate or emotional stories to play with your reader’s emotions (pathos)?
3 Research is inaccurate, overdone, or improper
  • Highlight all the information you quoted or paraphrased. You should highlight 1-2 sentences per body paragraph. If you have highlighted more or less than that, you need to rewrite those paragraphs to include the proper amount of quotations and paraphrases.

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