Study Questions

  1. What happened in Guernica in 1937?
    1. The Spanish Civil War started                                              c. Pablo Picasso was born
    2. Germany bombed the town                                                               d. Pablo Picasso died
  2. What did Pablo Picasso do to memorialize the events that happened in Guernica?
    1. He painted a picture                                                               c. He wrote a news article
    2. He wrote a novel                                                                     d. He gave a speech
  3. What were the two sides in the Spanish Civil War?
    1. The fascist government and the communist people
    2. The fascist government and the democratic people
    3. The communist government and fascist people
    4. The democratic government and the fascist people
  4. Did the rebels in Spain win?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. They won, but there was another rebellion 12 years later that overthrew them
    4. They lost, but rebelled again 12 years later and won
  5. Why did the Germans bomb Guernica?
    1. They wanted to see how much bombing it took to destroy a town
    2. They were practicing the tactics they would use in WWII
    3. They were on the side of the fascist Spanish government
    4. All of the above
  6. When the Germans got involved in the Spanish Civil War, they were perfecting the _______ technique they would use extensively during WWII.
    1. Blitzkrieg – a fire bombing technique that destroyed towns
    2. Schadenfreude – a tactical airplane formation
    3. Luftwaffe – the use of planes in warfare
    4. The Third Reich – the use of concentration camps to destroy a people.
  7. Why was Guernica chosen as a target?
    1. There was a nearby munitions factory that made supplies for the rebels
    2. They were an easy target
    3. They could not fight back
    4. All of the above
  8. In 1729, Jonathan Swift wrote a very famous essay. What was it called?
    1. “A Possible Solution”                                                              c. “A Good Idea”
    2. “The Final Solution”                                                                                d. “A Modest Proposal”
  9. In Swift’s essay, he addressed two major problems that were facing ____________.
    1. Ireland                                                                                          c. Scotland
    2. England                                                                                        d. America
  10. Those two problems were _______________ and ______________.
    1. Overpopulation and starvation                                          c. Dislike of the British rule and starvation
    2. Religious differences and starvation                                                d. Abortions and gay marriage

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