Test Study Questions

  1. What ate the blood of the people who were eternally chasing a banner outside the gates of hell?
    1. People
    2. Maggots
    3. Rats
    4. Leeches
  2. What are the two kinds of ethical dilemmas?
    1. Right vs. Right and Right vs. Wrong
    2. Wrong vs. Wrong and Right vs. Right
    3. Right vs. Wrong and Truth vs. Loyalty
    4. Individual vs. Community and Right vs. Right
  3. What are the people in the first circle of Hell being chased by?
    1. Zombies
    2. Other sinners
    3. Hornets and wasps
    4. Spirits
  4. Which of the following is a not a way of thinking to resolve a right vs. right dilemma?
    1. Ends-based thinking
    2. Love-based thinking
    3. Care-based thinking
    4. Rule-based thinking
  5. What is the lesson learned from “A Man Who Had No Eyes”?
    1. Give up when you’re down on your luck
    2. Always look for handouts
    3. Never give up on yourself
    4. Beggars can’t ever be trusted
  6. What happened to the two blind men after the accident in the factory?
    1. One got skin cancer and the other died
    2. One faked his blindness with a disease and the other was really blind
    3. Nothing happened; they both lived their lives separately
    4. One became very rich and successful; the other was a poor beggar.
  7. In the poem “Terence, This is Stupid Stuff,” what do these lines mean: “Many a peer of England brews / livelier liquor than the Muse”?
    1. Friends in England brew better liquor than poets do
    2. Beer is more fun to drink than poetry is to read
    3. The British brew the best beer
    4. You should ask your Muse before you drink.
  8. What is the moral of “Terence, This is Stupid Stuff”?
    1. Think ahead
    2. Drink a lot of beer
    3. Don’t read any poetry
    4. Bad poetry can kill you
  9. In the second circle of Hell, what was the punishment for the carnal sinners?
    1. Losing their skin in acid
    2. Freezing to death
    3. Stuck in a tornado
    4. Being chased by wild dogs
  10. How do you write the number 34 in Roman Numerals?
    1. XXY
    2. XXLVI
    3. XLVI
    4. XXXIV
  11. Who are the three people that Satan is chewing on in the 9thcircle of Hell?
    1. Obama, George Washington, Chuck Norris
    2. Julius Caesar, Virgil, and Jesus
    3. Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius
    4. Dante, Virgil, and Moses
  12. What deal did Faust / Dr. Faustus make?
    1. Sold his soul to Satan
    2. Promised to be good forever so he could go to Heaven
    3. He walked through Hell in order to get into Heaven
    4. He traded his soul to Tarik for the recipe for Pop-Tarts
  13. Who said “I am a servant to great Lucifer, / and may not follow thee without his leave”?
    1. Dante
    2. Virgil
    3. Faustus
    4. Mephistophilis
  14. What was the moral of the two versions of Faust?
    1. Girls are smarter than guys
    2. Value what you have in life
    3. Guys are smarter than girls
    4. There is no such thing as a soul

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