Test Study Questions

  1. According to the article “What Makes a Monster?” what is the biggest quality of a monster that people fear?
    1. Fire-breathing                                                   c. The unknown
    2. Size                                                                        d. Anything that can kill you
  2. What is the word for a monster that is so large you cannot comprehend it, but you would just stare at it while it runs over to eat you?
    1. Radioactive                                                         c. Giant
    2. Sublime                                                                                d. Godzilla
  3. Based on your knowledge of the poem we read in class, what does jabberwockymean?
    1. Monstrous                                                          c. Sublime
    2. Evil                                                                         d. Nonsense
  4. What happened to Gregor when he woke up?
    1. He was very very cold
    2. He turned into a giant cockroach
    3. He was fired from his job
    4. He saw Pedro
  5. What was Gregor’s biggest concern when he woke up?
    1. He has been turned into an insect
    2. He is going to be late for work
    3. His family is sick
    4. He is out of breakfast food
  6. What is Gregor’s profession?
    1. Travelling salesman                                         c. Exterminator
    2. Auto mechanic                                                  d. Author
  7. What were Ichabod Crane’s two big problems?
    1. Vampires and Werewolves
    2. His students and ghosts
    3. Women and his job
    4. Ghosts and women
  8. Why did Ichabod’s name suit him?
    1. Ichabod means “afraid” in German
    2. He looked like a bird called a crane
    3. The Headless Horseman’s hoofbeats sounded like “Ichabod, Ichabod” over and over
    4. The Headless Horseman was also named Crane when he was alive
  9. Who was most likely responsible for what happened to Ichabod?
    1. The Headless Horseman
    2. Ichabod did it to himself
    3. Katrina Van Tassel
    4. Brom Bones
  1. How did Gregor’s mother and the manager react when they saw him?
    1. They killed him
    2. They were very scared and ran away
    3. They swatted him with a cane
    4. They completely supported him
  2. What was Gregor’s father using to attack him?
    1. A flyswatter                                                       c. A bottle of poison
    2. A newspaper                                                     d. His shoes
  3. When did Gregor suddenly feel comfortable?
    1. When he was standing up like a man
    2. When he was laying on his back
    3. When he was upside down on the ceiling
    4. When he was standing on his numerous little legs
  4. Upon what real scientific event is Mermaids: The Body Foundbased?
    1. An unidentified body found in the stomach of a great white shark in 2005
    2. An unidentified body found washed up on the shore with a bunch of beached whales in 2003
    3. An unexplained sound recorded underwater in 1997, called “The Bloop”
    4. Several findings of spear-like tools sticking out of fish caught in open water
  5. What scientific theory did Mermaids: The Body Founduse to back up their hypothesis about mermaids?
    1. Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection
    2. Cormag’s Theory of Evolution
    3. The Savannah-Sea Theory
    4. The Aquatic Ape Theory
  6. Which of the following is NOT a piece of evidence that supports the mermaid theory?
    1. Humans have a layer of insulating fat, just like seals, whales, and dolphins
    2. Polar bears have adapted to have webbed hands and can hold their breath for minutes at a time; only 150,000 years ago, they were brown bears and could do neither of those.
    3. Skeletons of mermaids have been discovered in caves in Egypt where there was once an ocean
    4. Humans can regulate their breathing; trained free divers can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes at a time
  7. Why was Gregor so happy to hear that his family had been taking more money than they needed from his paycheck?
    1. They’re now able to live off that money while Gregor can’t work
    2. They have invested the money and can live off the interest
    3. They are using the money to start a business
    4. Trick question – Gregor is very unhappy because his family has been stealing from him
  8. What is Gregor’s new favorite food?
    1. Sweet milk and bread
    2. Anything rotten
    3. Fresh fruits and vegetables
    4. Crumbs and soda
  9. Which of Gregor’s family members take care of him at the beginning of the story?
    1. His sister
    2. His brother
    3. His mother
    4. His father
  10. Why couldn’t Gregor’s mother and father work?
    1. They were dead
    2. They were in poor health
    3. They had jobs but didn’t make much money
    4. They were illegal immigrants
  11. Why did Gregor’s mom eventually enter his room?
    1. To nurse him back to health
    2. His father dared her to go in
    3. His sister got sick and mom had to feed Gregor
    4. His sister wanted help moving furniture
  12. What did Gregor’s father do when he caught Gregor outside of the room?
    1. Hit him with a broom
    2. Run away screaming
    3. Throw apples at him
    4. Shot him with a rifle
  13. Who becomes Gregor’s caretaker after his sister can’t do it anymore?
    1. His mom                                              c. The cleaning lady
    2. His dad                                                 d. His girlfriend
  14. Which of the following is NOT something the family does to earn money?
    1. His mom becomes a prostitute
    2. His sister gets a job as a salesgirl
    3. They rent out a room
    4. His father gets a job
  15. What makes Gregor come out of his room?
    1. The smell of food
    2. His mother gets sick
    3. His sister plays the violin
    4. The apartment catches on fire
  16. What do the roomers do when they see Gregor?
    1. Laugh
    2. Scream
    3. Try to kill Gregor
    4. Refuse to pay rent
  17. Who finds Gregor when he dies?
    1. Grete (his sister)                              c. His father
    2. His mother                                          d. The cleaning lady
  18. How does the family react when Gregor dies?
    1. They are sad and grieving
    2. They are relieved they don’t have to deal with it anymore
    3. They are happy because they hated Gregor
    4. They are depressed because their son/brother has died
  19. What piece of evidence did the Bigfoot investigators on MonsterQuest analyze?
    1. Plaster casts of footprints and other impressions
    2. Film footage from 1967
    3. An athlete trying to replicate Bigfoot’s walk
    4. All of the above
  20. Which of the following do you use as a resource in a close reading essay?
    1. Opinions and articles written by scholars
    2. The story you are reading
    3. Other works by the same author
    4. All of the above
  21. Where do most of the Bigfoot sightings take place?
    1. The southeastern United States, such as Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas
    2. The northeastern United States, such as Maine, Pennsylvania, and New York
    3. The southwestern United States, such as New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California
    4. The northwestern United States, such as Washington, Oregon, and northern California

Writing. What would you do if you knew a monster was real, but no one believed you? Pretend that you have found proof that a monster (Bigfoot, a mermaid, etc.) exists, but everyone thinks you’re crazy. You decide that the best way to get your story out there is to get it published in the newspaper. Write a letter to the editor of the AJC and explain what happened, and ask him to print your story. Your letter should be about two paragraphs long.

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