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Welcome to 10th Grade World Literature! This is a thematic-based course that covers literature from across the globe. Students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the structural elements and critical evaluation of literature and will apply knowledge of literary terms to various works. Students will also show knowledge of strategies used to enhance understanding across subject areas, including content and contextual vocabulary. Additionally, students will show in-depth knowledge of grade-level research techniques and display a strong ability to interpret the message and effects of mass media. As well, students will show mastery of the writing process, including the usage and mechanics of Standard American English.

Textbook and Instructional Materials

Textbook: Prentice Hall World Literature

We will read several books this semester. Although we will provide these texts for the students to borrow, they can all be purchased for about $15 total. I highly encourage students to purchase their own copies of the following works:

If your student owns a Kindle or other e-reader, a tablet, or a smartphone, all these texts can be sent to your student’s device free of charge. I can also email electronic copies for reading at home. Just ask!

Additionally, students must have these materials in order to fully participate in class:

  • A binder (or section thereof) OR folder OR notebook. It must have pockets for class handouts AND paper which can be torn out and handed in (no composition books!)
  • Pen and #2 pencils
  • Although not required, donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, or paper towels are very much appreciated!

Grading Scale and Weights

A = 100-90           B = 89-80              C = 79-74              D = 73-70              F = 69 and below.

A standards-based grade book is used. My grade book will list assignments by title and standard. A student’s grades can be accessed online through Synergy.

Weights:              Reading and Literature Assessment:      35%

                                Writing and Conventions:                            35%

                                Listening, Speaking, and Viewing:           10%

                                Language and Vocabulary:                             5%

                                Final Exam:                                                         15%

Cobb County’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy

In accordance with Cobb County’s BYOD policy, students are encouraged to bring their own wireless and/or portable electronic hand-held electronic equipment to school (including iPads/iPods, Kindles, Nooks, laptop computer, Android tablets, smartphones, and so on). If a student would like to participate in the BYOD program, they must return a signed letter stating they understand the policies and responsibilities that come with the privilege of bringing their device to school. A copy of this letter will be made available to students, and can always be requested from the teacher.

Conduct and Participation

  • Active participation is required to excel in this course.
  • Appropriate language should be used in class. Academic English should be used on all formal writing assignments, whether typed or hand-written.
  • Be on time to class and ready to start when the bell rings. We will start every class with a video. If students are not on time or are not quiet and ready to start, I will discontinue the daily videos.
  • No passes will be issued during the first or last 10 minutes of class.
  • Passes will be issued to one student at a time – no exceptions!
  • Bring everything you need – assignments, pencils, paper, etc. – to class with you every day.
  • Late work: Students are not penalized for turning in work late; however, all work is due on the Monday BEFORE FINALS WEEK (not the Monday during finals week, but the one before that). After that date, late work will not be accepted.
  • Cheating, plagiarism, or other violations of academic integrity will not be tolerated. A 0 will be given for the assignment and an administrative discipline referral will be issued.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • All school policies in the OHS Handbook are in force at all times.
  • Finally, treat people as you would like to be treated. Be courteous and respectful.

A graduated discipline policy includes a verbal warning, time out of class, detention, parent contact, parent conference, and administrative referral.

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