Poetry – 10th Lit

Welcome to the Poetry Unit page! Here you will find all the resources I can give you for our poetry unit!

Here’s the complete list of daily posts from our poetry unit.

Our writing assignment for the poetry unit was the poetry journal. Here’s your directions!

Each journal should include the following elements:

  • MLA Heading (Student name, teacher name, class name, date. All of that on the upper left corner of your paper)
  • The title of the poem, centered and in quotation marks.
  • Three quotes from the poem. These should include a parenthetical citation, which is the author’s last name and the line number, in parentheses, after the quote. A period goes at the end. For example: “This is a quote” (Name line 2).
  • A paragraph that summarizes the poem. No abstract thought or interpretations here, just write a paragraph that tells what happened in the poem.
  • A paragraph that analyzes the poem. This is where you want to give your thoughts or interpretations. Also, this paragraph should include a literary device that was used in the poem.

Complete list of poems for your Poetry Journals:

Poetry Journal Rubric

And here are all the PowerPoints we viewed during the poetry unit:

Figurative Language

Poetic Meter

Literary Devices in Music

Literary Devices


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