Drama – 10th Lit

Welcome to the page for our Julius Caesar unit!

Here’s the complete list of daily posts for the unit.

The full play can be found online here, and the link is also on the resources page.

For our writing assignment, we did a Julius Caesar essay about one of the themes of the story. Here are the complete directions:

For this unit, we are going to write a close-reading essay. That means we’re going to look very closely at a short section of text, and examine how it reveals a theme in the play.

  • Determine what you think a good theme of Julius Caesar might be.
  • Choose 15-20 lines of dialogue from the play, or perhaps a whole monologue, that you think reveals the theme you chose.
  • Compose a thesis statement that tells your reader what your theme is and which lines of text you’re using to show it! Examples:
  • Brutus shows the theme that the good of many is more important than loyalty to friends during his monologue in Act II scene i.
  • Cassius shows that evil exists in all societies when he convinces Brutus to kill Caesar during Act I scene ii.
  • Your essay should contain at least 6 quotes of 5-7 words each. Each of these quotes should relate back to your thesis, and you should explain how the quotes relate to your thesis.
  • Your essay should be at least 750 words, written in MLA format, and it is due Friday, March 23rd.

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