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Here’s all the information for our King Arthur unit!

Here’s the complete list of posts from the unit.

Our readings for the unit were:

Your major project this unit was the King Arthur Pick Three! Project. Here’s the complete rundown:


You will choose three of the boxes listed on the chart on the back of this sheet. Your choices must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your choices must come from three different rows. You cannot choose two boxes from the same row.
  2. Some of the boxes (marked with a †) must be completed at home. You may choose one of these boxes.

We will have time in the computer lab to complete your research and work on your choices. Your completed project is due on Tuesday, May 1st.
Each of your choices will be worth 33% of your grade. Therefore, if you fail to turn in one of your three boxes, you will automatically fail the assignment.
Boxes marked with a ‡ are digital projects that will not have a hard copy to turn in. You will fill out a short form if you choose one of these, so that I know where to look to find it.

tl;dr – Pick three boxes from different rows. One can have a †.

Here’s the chart! I’ve organized it by category, which should make it easier to find what you want to do. For example, if you consider yourself a bookworm, you might prefer the choices in column 1.






Write a short story about a Knight in King Arthur’s Court, or an essay that answers the question: “Was King Arthur a real, historical person, or just a legend?”

Research medieval fashion and dress up as a character from a legend or as a Knight.

Draw a comic or make a webcomic using StripGenerator (www.stripgenerator.com) starring a Knight of the Round Table, King Arthur, Guinevere, etc.

Make a diorama of a scene from one of the legends, or a model or sculpture. †


Write a series of blog posts, tweets, an email exchange or diary entries as though you are a Knight of the Round Table. You can make a real blog online at www.blogger.com

Act out a scene for the class / do a monologue / make a video of a skit (this one may be completed with a group, but you will be graded individually.)

Research food from King Arthur’s time and cook for the class. You will need to type up and turn in your recipe!

Make a poster or collage of pictures, quotes, information, etc. about King Arthur, his Knights, Camelot, etc. †


Make a quiz on www.quibblo.com that asks questions about King Arthur/Camelot, or a “personality test” (eg., “Which Knight are You?”)

Make a Facebook wall for a character or Knight of the Round Table using the PowerPoint template found on the class blog (www.osborne10thlit.com)

Compose song using a program such as Soundation (www.soundation.com) or AudioTool (www.audiotool.com).

Make a Delicious Stack (www.delicious.com) or a Symbaloo board (www.symbaloo.com) with resources about King Arthur.


Make a fake magazine cover (www.fakemagazinecover.com) about King Arthur, one of the Knights, Guinevere, a dragon, etc. and then write an “article” in which you interview that character.

Make a VoiceThread (www.voicethread.com), Animoto (www.animoto.com) or TimeToast (www.timetoast.com) about King Arthur, his Knights, Dragons, Camelot, etc.

Make a digital film or Flash animation (www.doink.com) starring a Knight of the Round Table, King Arthur, Guinevere, etc. to show to the class.

Research Dragons, King Arthur, Guinevere, Camelot, Medieval lifestyle or fashion, etc. and make a PowerPoint or Prezi (www.prezi.com) presentation for the class.



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