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World Lit: Cultural Identity 5 – Narrative


  • ELAGSE9-10W3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. Georgia ELA
    • ELAGSE9-10W3.a Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or observation, establishing one or multiple point(s) of view, and introducing a narrator and/or characters; create a smooth progression of experiences or events. Georgia ELA
    • ELAGSE9-10W3.b Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing, description, reflection, and multiple plot lines, to develop experiences, events, and/or characters. Georgia ELA
    • ELAGSE9-10W3.c Use a variety of techniques to sequence events so that they build on one another to create a coherent whole. Georgia ELA
    • ELAGSE9-10W3.d Use precise words and phrases, telling details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events, setting, and/or characters. Georgia ELA
    • ELAGSE9-10W3.e Provide a conclusion that follows from and reflects on what is experienced, observed, or resolved over the course of the narrative. Georgia ELA

Learning Target
I can write a narrative about my childhood that reveals my cultural identity.

Opening Session
Laptop assignment! I’m going to give everyone in class a specific number. That number will be your laptop for the entire semester, every time we use a laptop cart. Don’t forget your number!

Once you have a laptop, log on and open up Microsoft Word. I’m going to show you how to set up your paper in MLA format, which will be the required way of formatting all your papers in this class (and in every English class you take for the rest of your life, pretty much).

Work Session
You’ll have the entire work session today to draft your cultural identity narrative! Your final draft CAN keep the “I remember…” format we worked with yesterday, but you do not HAVE to, if you don’t like it.

While you draft, I’ll come around and offer individual feedback and assistance 🙂

Closing Session
To close the day, I want to come back together as a group and tell you how to upload your essay! You will need to save your essay with YOUR NAME in the filename, then navigate to the class Google Drive and upload your essay to the correct folder. It’s not hard, but it’s important that you do it right so I can grade your writing!

If you want to continue writing your essay at home, you can access it from the class drive where you just uploaded it. Otherwise, you will have tomorrow to work on your essay in class, and it will be due at the end of the class tomorrow.

Summative (Capstone essay 1)

Process (Scaffolded prompt and framework)

World Lit: Writing About My Cultural Identity: Day 2

Standard: ELAGSE9-10W2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.

Learning Target: I can write a reflective essay explaining my cultural identity.

Opening Session: P!NK – Raise Your Glass: P!nk sings her identity!

Work Session: We’ve got the laptop cart today! You guys will be grabbing a laptop and typing and revising your cultural identity essays you write yesterday. You will have all class period to complete your essay 🙂

If we run short on computers, we will have a couple people write by hand. I’ll take volunteers first, then choose randomly.

Closing Session: Trade with a friend and make any last-minute edits, then turn in your paper by uploading to Google Drive.

Assessment: Formal – essays will be graded

Differentiation: Process (scaffolded essays); Product (varied essay length).


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and if you went to prom I expect to see pictures!!


  • ELAGSE9-10SL6 Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, demonstrating command of formal English when indicated or appropriate. (See grades 9–10 Language Standards 1 and 3 for specific expectations.)

Learning Target: I will take use technology to play “brain games” that will help me determine my aptitudes and what careers might interest me.

Opening Session: This is a kickoff video for the activity we’re going to do today and tomorrow – YouScience! You might be doing this in your World History classes too 🙂


Work Session: Jump on the laptops and let’s get everyone signed up for a YouScience account! This will probably take a few minutes, but as soon as your account is created you’re good to go and begin the test. I hope you enjoy it!

The first half of the test will take the first half of class. After you finish, you should continue working on your Metamorphosis essay that we started last Friday. That essay will be due tomorrow at the end of class after you finish the second half of the YouScience test.

Closing Session: Check your laptops back in with me and make sure they’re back on the cart!

Differentiation: YouScience exam is self-differentiating; essay may be modified (process, product).

Assessment: YouScience is self-graded; essays will be a major grade.

Essay Friday!


  • ELAGSE9-10W1 Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

Learning Target: I will compose an argumentative essay, citing evidence from the text to back up my claims.

Opening Session: Argumentative Essay by Shmoop

Work Session: Welcome to class! Today we’re going to be continuing the essay we began yesterday. We are down in Ms. Gelston’s room (203) to type using the laptops, and you’ll have all class to work on your essay. We can also send people two or three at a time upstairs to get textbooks as needed.

You will have all class period to work, as well as the second halves of Monday and Tuesday. We will be in this room all three days.

Good luck!

Closing Session: Put your laptops back and return your textbooks; essay check-in

Assessment: Formative checks for understanding; essays will be graded

Differentiation: Process (scaffolded essay prompts, frameworks); product (modified essay length)